Wild slot games

Wild symbols are one of the most important special elements of slot games. Since these symbols contribute a lot to increasing earings, it’s recommended to choose casino games with wild slot games.

Wild slots

Wild slots games have one or more joker symbols. These symbols can replace other cards to form winnings lines and thus, they bring more chances. The profit rate of a game is influenced, among other things, by the presence of wild symbols, precisely because they are a real help for the player.

The symbol works very simply. Suppose you need 3 seven-digit symbols on a payline to get a gain, and only 2 have appeared on the screen. Well, if a wild symbol appears, it can replace the seventeenth and can bring the gain.

In most of the wild slots games, the wild symbol can replace any symbol except scatter, free spins or bonus (as they also have special functions).

Some types of wild symbols

Standard – a wild standard symbol replaces other symbols on active paylines to help you win.

On specific rollers – In some wild slots games, wild symbols only appear on certain rollers. For example, they can only appear on rollers 1 and 3, or in another combination.

Expandables – the stacked wild expandable symbols are a very special category which generate high earnings. They cover a full roll when appearing, thus helping to form numerous winnings

Sticky – wild symbols that remain in the same position for multiple rounds

Random – wild extra symbols can be activated randomly during the game.

Multipliers – Wild multiplier symbols are very useful because they not only replace other symbols but doubles or multiplies gains

All you have to do is choose a slot game and discover wild symbols!

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