Why to play dead or alive slot on your mobile phone

The Dead or Alive slot is a game that is available on brick and mortar sites, online and also mobile casinos. Though you can access the game in different ways, choosing to play it on your mobile is highly recommended. This is because you get to play the slot game more conveniently as long as you have an internet connection. You also get the chance to play this slot game for fun, especially when you are still learning the basics. This platform also offers unique bonuses to slot lovers. You can make use of the initial deposit bonus as you play dead or alive on your mobile device. While some of the mobile casinos ask you to sign up for you to start playing this slot, others don’t. It means that you can start playing the slot machine without necessarily giving out your mobile number.

Read this before you try playing Dead or Alive

For you to play this game, you should get familiar with its fundamental aspects. This is a western-style game that gives you a chance to make some great wins from playing. Apart from using symbols that depict the Wild West lifestyle, it has some intriguing graphics that most people like. NetEnt includes nine pay lines and five reels in this slot machine. It features a rocky background and a smoking revolver that represents the logo.

You can start playing by using the low paying symbols which come in the form of card icons. High paying symbols in this slot include cowboy boots, a gun holster, whiskey glass, hat, and the sheriff’s badge. Try winning more with the help of the unique features. For instance, use the wanted posters which represent the wild or the twin revolvers that stand for the scatters. Most players of dead or alive also like the free spins feature since it contains sticky wilds.

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