Is black widow slot game still the best slot?

Over the years, some people used to consider the black widow slot game as the best machine in the gaming industry. Though many slot machines continue being invented every day, some people still prefer playing black widow while others feel that there are better games out there. The slot machine was produced by IGT a few years back. It includes five reels and 40 pay lines. Those that feel that this game is no longer the best slot in the industry argue that some slots have more reels and pay lines.

Those that argue that the black widow slot game is still the best are impressed with features such as a jackpot, wilds, and multipliers. If you like story-based slot machines, then you probably prefer the black widow slot over the rest since it is based on this concept. In this game, the black widow represents a particular woman who is known to cause harm to her lovers. Most people like the game since it not only provides high stakes but also has an exciting theme.

The software developer that created this game also ensures that each spin is fair. Some people feel that this slot game is not the best machine since it has an RTP rate of 91.99%. They argue that you can find better-paying slot machines that have return to player rates of above 95%. Despite this, lots of card lovers still prefer playing black widow slot since it features some playing card icons such as ten, king, queen, ace, and jack.

This game contains icons that represent the black widow as well as the unlucky men. Using icons such as the black widow spider can help you form some winning combinations. The fans of this game cannot get enough of the unique icons included here, starting with the poison that the black widow holds on to.

As you play this game, you should also try to find the black widow icon, which represents the wild card. This can replace the regular icons and help you win more. Players like the fact that obtaining at least five wilds can make one earn a bonus worth 1000. Most people also consider this game as the best slot machine due to the presence of an impressive bonus game.

You can attain the well-paying bonus game by using the vials of poison on particular reels. Doing this helps you gain some free spins to extend your gameplay. Initiating the free spins give one access to the super stacks element. This feature can transform you into a jackpot winner from playing the black widow slot game. Though this slot has a lot of impressive features, some people argue that there are better slot machines out there that have more remarkable elements such as cascading reels and progressive jackpots.

Find out the drawbacks of this slot machine

Though the black widow slot game seems to have it all, it is flawed in that it does not have a scatter icon. Obtaining a bonus game is also a challenge.

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