My Gambling Experience: PlaySugarHouse

I am a huge fan of gambling and always have been. I am constantly looking for new online gambling experiences. Recently, I have discovered one amazing platform named Since then, I have been using their website. With over 350 games to offer, I believe that it is one of the most diverse and complete platforms I have ever used.

The Beauty of Gambling

A few days ago, I was reading a couple of reviews about this particular online casino. This one specific review caught my attention and I deeply feel the need to discuss it. I think that every user’s experience is different, some people win huge amounts of money with small bets and some people lose fortunes, it’s all up to lady luck. In my opinion, this is the beauty of gambling, the unpredictability, the unknown, the thrill.

A Fair Return to Player

First of all, the user claims to have encountered are the “Ongoing losses and lack of a FAIR return to player no matter how much you spent”. As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, we all have different experiences. I, for example, have won a considerably amount of money on I was an unexpected slot, because it has a rather small RTP. Especially when talking about slots, luck is a must.


Secondly, he mentioned that the “technical issues with the games and repeated game malfunctions and disconnects from “their” game server” are actually an act of fraud. The only thing that I can think of is the amount of loss that can occur if a casino chooses screw people over in this way. I personally have not had any technical issues with this website. Let’s face it. It is a very profitable business. Sometimes technology malfunctions, you have to be kind of paranoid to think they would do this on purpose, especially for a sum as small as $153.74.

Therefore, I am not saying that the user didn’t experience issues during his online gambling session, but I strongly believe that the problems he had mentioned are a unique and rare situation, basing on my experience and history on this particular gambling platform. PlaySugarHouse is and continues to be my first choice in the world of online casinos. Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself and see.