Here are the best mobile games 2019 that you should be playing

Are you looking to explore the best mobile games that have been released this year? New releases give you something different from what you are used to. They are packed with unique features and exciting themes to attract more customers. We will look at some of the mobile games that are considered the best for Android devices. Enjoy!

  • PUBG Mobile

This game plays well on mobile. It is a battle game featuring numerous players fighting against each other on an island.  The game features a lot of weapons and vehicles used in the battle. You can engage as a solo player or join a team for you to fight against your opponents until you win. Unlike most of the mobile games NJ which are only accessible on the latest devices, you can access and play PUBG on any mobile device, including an older model.

  • Brawl Stars

Visit the Google Play store today and access mobile games such as Brawl Stars. This is a fast-paced game that was created by Supercell. What makes the game different from the rest is the availability of different modes of Brawl Stars. Choosing a mode such as Gem Grab gives you a chance to be a part of a team where you have to collect and hold gems better than opposing team for you to win the game.

You can also choose the Heist mode where you have to protect your gems as you attack your opponent’s safe of gems. Each of the game modes is not only fun but also rewarding. The software developer also includes 3D style graphics in Brawl Stars, making it look visually appealing.

  • Holedown

If you prefer puzzle games, then you should try Holedown on your mobile device. You have to blast through celestial bodies beginning from asteroids to the sun. Most people like it since it is simple to learn and involves more than mere luck. You need to learn some skills and use the basic strategy for you to win.

As a general guide, the best mobile casino games include:

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